If you or a loved one have been involved in an accident and suffered personal injuries, you can expect difficult challenges from insurance companies, in addition to your injuries. No matter how severe your injuries are, the stress of dealing with a personal injury claim can affect your psychological health and deter your physical healing.

You will want an experienced NJ personal injury attorney working with you to help ensure you receive the fair compensation you deserve for your injuries. An experienced attorney will also help you through the essential steps during your recovery. Howard P. Lesnik, Esq, is committed to helping his clients during this challenging time. He is ready to protect your rights so that you receive the medical attention that you need and will fight to make sure accident victims receive justice for their personal injury claims.

Why a NJ Personal Injury Attorney is Necessary

How Your Lawyer Can Make or Break a NJ Personal Injury Case

If you think that the insurance company for the person or business responsible for your accident will automatically pay for your expenses, bills and injuries, think again! Insurance companies are in the business of making money and the way they make the most money is by paying the least money for claims. Even if an insurance company knows it may have to write a check down the road, it will delay paying any settlement for as long as possible. Negotiations during a personal injury claim can become challenging, and insurance companies are known to fight these claims.

Common Insurance Company Tactics

  1. Delay, Delay, Delay

Insurance companies are notorious for manipulating people. During a personal injury claim, there are tactics they will use against your claim that your attorney has the experience to watch for. One of their strategic methods is to drag their feet and take as long as possible to frustrate.

  1. Settle Fast to Make You Go Away

Another topic is to try to offer you a quick settlement immediately after the accident. Insurance adjusters like to offer quick settlements before a victim realizes the full extent of their injuries. If you are suffering from an accident and facing unexpected medical expenses, these adjusters are good at getting you to accept a settlement based on your worries about paying your bills.

Adjusters are aware that once you contact a personal injury attorney, you will be advised to wait on a settlement until the maximum medical recovery costs are known. Once a settlement is accepted, you cannot go back and demand more money, even if you end up realizing your injuries are worse than you thought, or if you need more medical treatment or have more doctor bills. Never sign anything from the insurance company without reviewing it first with a lawyer.

  1. May I Have a Word with You?

Another tactic the insurance company will use if you are without proper legal representation is to ask you for a recorded statement. Never speak to the adjuster for the other insurance company. Any statement you give to the insurance adjuster will be used against you. The insurance company will try to use your own statement to show that you may be responsible for causing part or all of the accident. If the other insurance company can argue that you caused the accident, they will not be responsible for compensating you for your personal injuries.

  1. Sign On the Dotted Line

Insurance companies will send you medical authorizations for your medical records. This is so they can try to get dirt on you. They will state your medical records are needed in order to evaluate your personal injury claim. These documents, however, can harm your chances for full compensation and could even result in a denial of any recovery amounts. Some adjusters will try to get all your medical records for 10 years before the accident. This is so they can try to find any medical condition or injury that existed before your accident. If you release your medical records, the insurance company will try to argue that the injuries suffered in the accident were pre-existing. If an insurance company can point to injuries before the accident, they will argue that they are not responsible for your injuries because you were already injured before the accident.

You will want Howard P. Lesnik, Esq, working with you to ensure you do not release any information to the insurance that could jeopardize your claim, or fall into the insurance company traps.

What an Experienced Personal Injury Attorney Can Offer You

An experienced personal injury attorney, such as Howard P. Lesnik, Esq, understands if a settlement amount is fair. He is prepared to negotiate with insurance companies to make sure you receive full compensation. If the insurance is not willing to make a fair offer, your attorney will be prepared to take the claim to court and even to trial.

Accident victims who are injured due to someone else’s fault or negligence are entitled to fair and reasonable compensation. Howard P. Lesnik, Esq., will investigate your claim, the accident scene, interview witnesses, obtain expert witnesses and present the necessary evidence to a jury or judge, so you receive the compensation that you deserve under the law.

There are multiple steps needed in a personal injury case to make sure you receive full benefits. Your attorney will understand these steps and help gather the evidence while you focus on healing. Witness statements are often helpful when given directly to your attorney, as some of them can be misleading when appearing in a police report. Also, the other person involved in the accident may try to lie or minimize their fault.

Some cases require an accident reconstruction expert to prove negligence or fault. All cases require expert medical testimony to verify the severity of injuries. Your attorney will know which evidence is essential and necessary for your claim and ensure it is gathered and ready to present in court.

If you are suffering from personal injuries as a result of an accident or because of another’s negligence, you may feel your life has been turned upside down. You need the skills and experience of Howard P. Lesnik, Esq, working with you to get through this challenging time.

Howard P. Lesnik Esq. will provide you with the trusted legal representation you need. He understands the challenges these cases can present and is ready to handle your claim while you concentrate on healing. Don’t go through this alone; contact Howard P. Lesnik, Esq, to ensure you get the justice and compensation you deserve.

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