My client was out for a leisurely Sunday motorcycle ride in the countryside, when a dump truck pulled out of a driveway and sideswiped my client out of the blue. My client had no time to react as the large truck crashed into his motorcycle and sent him flying onto the roadway. Luckily, he was wearing his helmet. However, he still suffered serious and permanent injuries.

The driver of the truck admitted that he was responsible for causing the crash into my client’s motorcycle by attempting a left hand turn from a parking lot directly into my client. However, the insurance company for the truck tried to minimize my client’s injuries and made a lowball offer in an attempt to settle the case for cheap. Since the insurance company did not want to settle, I filed a lawsuit in New Jersey Superior Court.

Spinal InjectionsAs a result of the truck crash, my client suffered severe injuries and scarring to his face and body. He fractured his jaw which required mandible surgery and the surgeon had to wire his jaw shut while he recovered from surgery. He also suffered fractures to his legs. The spine in my client’s neck and back suffered significant injuries and he required 14 epidural injections to his cervical and lumbar spine.

Prior to trial, the defense attorneys for the dump truck requested that this case be arbitrated by a professional mediator. However, before arbitration, we were able to settle my client’s claim against the dump truck and its driver for $625,000.00. As a result, my client avoided the necessity and uncertainty of a trial and was able to be fully compensated for his injuries caused by a dump truck driver who sideswiped and totaled my client’s motorcycle.

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