Claims for Pedestrian Accidents in NJ

Everyone is a pedestrian at some point each day. Whether you are crossing the street at a busy intersection or walking from your car to work or a store in a parking lot, you are a pedestrian. According to the NJ Motor Vehicle Commission, pedestrians make up the second largest category of car accident deaths and injuries in New Jersey. There were 173 pedestrian deaths in 2015. In 2016, 603 people lost their lives in car accidents in NJ, 166 were pedestrians.

If you or a family member suffered an injury as a pedestrian, you need an experienced New Jersey injury lawyer to ensure you are fairly compensated. At My NJ Injury Lawyer Howard P. Lesnik, Esq., I fight to ensure my clients receive the benefits they are entitled to. I am experienced in negotiating with insurance companies and representing pedestrian accident victims throughout New Jersey.

Claims for Pedestrian Accidents in NJNJ Laws Protect Pedestrians

NJ traffic laws have been enacted to protect pedestrians. Not only must drivers yield to pedestrians in crosswalks, drivers must also stop for pedestrians crossing the road within an unmarked crosswalk at an intersection. Any driver who fails to stop for pedestrian crossing the road, or who passes another vehicle stopped for a pedestrian, is subject to heavy penalties. If convicted, the driver will be assessed two (2) points, fined $200, and can face 15 days of community service. Undercover officers pose as pedestrians in NJ to crack down on drivers that fail to stop for pedestrians.

What To Do After a Pedestrian Accident

If you or a family member is an accident victim as a pedestrian, you should immediately contact the police. If you are injured, you should notify the police so that an ambulance is dispatched to the accident scene. As with any other motor vehicle accident, you should note the license plate for the car that hit you and get the license and insurance of the driver if you are able. When you are able to speak with the officer, either at the scene or after you leave the hospital, make sure you include all details as to how the accident unfolded and how the car hit you. It is important to note where you were in the street when you were hit, and how fast the car was going upon impact. Do not leave out the impact from the collision and how you were thrown or fell to the ground after the accident. Lastly, take pictures of the scene and the conditions, again, only if you are able to do so.

An experienced NJ injury lawyer can assist you with your claim after your pedestrian accident. A pedestrian accident can cause significant, serious injuries and trauma. You can suffer broken bones from the impact, crushed bones if run over, closed-head injuries, and traumatic brain injuries. Pedestrians also suffer from emotional and psychological injuries after being hit by a car. My NJ Injury lawyer can assist you with your medical bills, lost wages if you miss work, and compensation for your pain and suffering for any damages suffered from the accident.

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