New Jersey Truck Accident Injury Lawyer

If you or a family member suffered an injury as a truck accident victim, you need an experienced New Jersey injury lawyer to ensure you are fairly compensated. At My NJ Injury Lawyer Howard P. Lesnik, Esq., I fight to ensure my clients receive the benefits they are entitled to. I am experienced in negotiating with insurance companies and representing accident victims throughout New Jersey. I understand the intricacies of NJ accident laws and fight for you so your rights are protected.

When Truck Accidents Happen in NJ

Truck accidents involve heavy-impact collisions with large trucks and tractors hauling trailers containing heavy cargo. The aftermath can be devastating. All too often, truck accidents in NJ are caused by negligent truck drivers. Commercial truck drivers frequently may be inexperienced, untrained, distracted, tired, or unlicensed.

In New Jersey, it is also common to see commercial trucks and tractor-trailers parked on the side of the road at night. This is because there is a lack of rest stops for trucks in NJ. Truck drivers are required to rest after a certain number of hours on the road. However, in NJ, drivers report that truck rest stops are always full. As a result, truck drivers are forced to continue driving while fatigued, or stop on the shoulder of a highway. Both are very dangerous and can result in serious accidents with commercial trucks. Remember: the truck driver for Wal-Mart in the infamous Tracy Morgan wreck was awake for 28-straight hours before that deadly truck accident.

Major causes of truck accidents in NJ:

  • NJ Truck AccidentUnlicensed commercial drivers
  • Untrained truck drivers
  • Fatigued and tired drivers
  • Faulty brakes on truck or trailer
  • Overloaded or overweight cargo
  • Unsecured/Unbalanced cargo
  • Reckless/aggressive truck drivers
  • Failure to obey speed restrictions/speeding
  • Following too close/tailgating
  • Failure to follow traffic and highway laws
  • Driving while distracted
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs

NJ Truck Accident Investigation

If you or a family member is a victim in a NJ truck accident, the last thing you need to worry about is what caused the accident. My NJ Injury Lawyer Howard P. Lesnik, will work to obtain all the accident reports, police investigations, 911, police and truck dispatch call recording records, and evidence to determine the precise cause of your truck accident and hold the party responsible for your injuries accountable. My private investigator will immediately assemble all accident reports, accident video, witness statements and information regarding your accident – in some cases even on the same day!

Who is responsible for your NJ truck accident?

Negligent truck driving is not the only cause of truck accidents in NJ. The owner of the truck, trailer, commercial cargo or commercial business may be negligent as well. If the commercial owner of the truck was also responsible for the accident, they will also be liable for your injuries. The owner of the commercial vehicle is responsible for hiring, training and supervising its drivers.

Commercial Truck Owners’ Liability:

  • Negligent hiring, training, supervising its drivers
  • Hiring drivers without Commercial Driver’s License (CDL)
  • Hiring drivers with suspended CDL
  • Hiring drivers with criminal backgrounds
  • Hiring drivers with bad driving records
  • Failure to maintain or repair trucks or trailers
  • Failure to maintain or repair safety equipment, lights, brakes
  • Failure to comply with weight restrictions/overloading cargo

NJ Truck accident claims and settlements

When you are involved in a car accident in New Jersey, your claim is subject to the verbal-threshold applicable to your claim. If you elect to save on your premium with the limitation on lawsuit option, your options to make a claim are severely limited, and must have suffered a permanent injury. However, the verbal threshold does not apply to accidents involving trucks or commercial vehicles. If you are involved in a NJ accident with a commercial vehicle or a truck, you can file a claim for your accident in almost all causes without limitations.

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