Our Clients are the Best …

NJ Injury Lawyer TestimonialDear Howard,

Your’re, Like, Awesome!

And I’m, Like, THANKFUL!

You were great! Thanks for all your hard work. Be Well.


Joanne, Client

NJ Injury Lawyer TestimonialHoward,

This is just a brief note to Thank You!!

I am truly appreciatie of the quality service given to me by you and your firm.

Know that it will be easy and a pleasure to recommend you.

Warm Regards, Barbara Parker

Barbara Parker, Client

NJ Injury Lawyer TestimonialDear Howard,

I wanted to send you this card to make you laugh and to thank you for the awsome job you did, not I did not forget you. I am too busy learning the tricks of the trade of cutting hair. I am so grateful to you for you for getting my brother out of this problem. You are my number 1 lawyer. My Mom and Dad are relieved and happy. I am too (yeah right, they still call me to have me pester you).

But truly deeply from the bottom of my heart thank you for being so heaven sent. Well I don’t want you to turn red so I’lllet you go. Remember, I’ll be here if you need a crew cut. I can guarantee cutting it, but no guarantees it will grow back. For now please take care of yourself and it was great working with you. Stay cool and be in touch.

Thank you! So much for everything.

Lots of Love from all of us.


God Bless You!

🙂 Can’t stop smiling

Nadia, Client

NJ Injury Lawyer TestimonialDear Mr. Lesnik,

Thank you so very much for everything. I will always be grateful. I wish the best for your family.


Annie Scott

Annie Scott, Client

NJ Injury Attorney TestimonialSometimes this hectic world demands our full attention and the really important things can go unsaid or undone, things like telling you how important you are to my family or letting you know how much it means to me and my wife to have you as my Attorney.

Enjoy your birthday. 🙂

Your client,


Vaughn, Client

NJ Injury Attorney TestimonialRemembering you for the holidays.

Congrats again on the new —. Hope all is well.

As for my family …

We are all — again.

Thank you and

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year

Zully Valinzaia

Zully Valinzaia, Client

NJ Criminal Defense Lawyer TestimonialI want to Thank these two right here for helping me geet my life back. Granted I know Allah worked through them but I would be less of a man if I didn’t show them the appreciation they deserve … Howard Lesnik in the middle. I Thank you, my son thanks you, my family thanks you, and all those that hold me near in their hearts thank you. You guys are the best! My attorneys my whit brothers as they would say… any and everyone that prayed for me, told me to hold my head, and gave me any kind of encouragement I Thank you! Not Guilty on all charges.

Instgram, Client