Anyone who has felt the pain from even a minor burn knows how bad it can hurt. Almost everyone has touched scalding hot water, even for a second. The pain from the burn does not go away and you cannot run your cold water over the burn or use ice to stop the pain. Just as common is the pain from a sunburn. Once you are sunburned, there is nothing you can do. Aloe may temporarily soothe the pain, but the pain lingers until the sunburn goes away. Burns can also come from cooking, and touching a hot pan, stove or burner, even for a second, can cause a serious burn and temporary redness on your skin.

These everyday burns can be relatively minor. While the pain may be unbearable at first, it eventually subsides. However, serious burns caused by the negligence of another not only cause excruciating pain but can also leave you with permanent injuries, scarring and disfiguration to your skin and muscles. Not only is your skin sensitive – it is your body’s biggest organ. Therefore, it is most susceptible to burns. Serious burns result in permanent scarring that will never heal. Some burns are so severe that they require skin graft surgery where the surgeon must transplant skin from another area to the burn location without any skin.

You should contact My NJ Injury Lawyer Howard P. Lesnik, if you or a family member suffered a burn injury due to someone else’s negligence. I make sure that you will not have to suffer the permanent pain, injury, scarring and disfigurement without adequate compensation for your suffering. I have handled NJ burn cases for 20 years and have the experience and knowledge to represent you if you’ve suffered a burn injury in New Jersey.

Three Types of Burn Injuries

burn injuries

Burns are characterized into three separate types:

  • 1st Degree Burns are classified as the least serious compared to other burns. However, they are painful and cause the skin to become red and sore.
  • 2nd Degree Burns affect the lower layer of skin. Not only are they painful, they also result in painful swelling and blisters.
  • 3rd Degree Burns are the most serious. They burn through the bottom layer of skin into the muscle and tissue. This can impact your ability to move at the burn location. It can also cause permanent scarring, discoloration, raised/jagged skin, and numbness at the burn location. Third degree burns are so serious, that they may not be painful at first. However, they may eventually require surgery and/or skin grafts.

Common Causes of Burns

Most people assume that heat and fire are the most common causes of burns. However, there are many other causes of burn injuries:

  • Scalding hot liquids such as tea, soup and coffee. Most people believe the McDonalds hot coffee burn lawsuit in 1982 was frivolous. It was not. The coffee that spilled was not the customer’s fault, and she suffered 3rd degree permanent burns, and required skin grafts because her burns were so severe. And she wasn’t the first burn victim. There were 700 other customers burned by scalding hot coffee before this lawsuit. She offered to settle her case for $20,000, in order to repay her medical bills. McDonalds refused to settle, and the case proceeded to trial. The jury awarded the victim almost 3 million dollars – the amount of 2-days of coffee sales in 1982 for the chain.
  • Steam and hot water vapors – can cause irreversible permanent burns in an instant.
  • Exposure to chemicals or fumes at work or at school and cause irritation and destroy skin, muscle and tissue on the human body.
  • Electrical burns are caused when your skin comes in contact with electricity. The electricity can travel in your body and reach organs and tissue, causing serious injury.

How Much is a NJ Burn Case Worth?

The value of any burn claim depends on many different factors. These include the extent of the injuries suffered, pain and suffering, and economic expenses including lost wages, and medical bills. It also depends on the extent of the burning, permanent scarring, and pain from the burn. One of my clients testified that her burn from hot tea lasted many months after the accident and was worse than child birth.

At MyNJInjuryLawyer, Howard P. Lesnik has vast experience in handling numerous burn cases. This allows me to evaluate the value of your claim to obtain the fairest settlement or jury verdict. In claims of significant injuries, I hire with medical experts, economic experts for lost and future wages, and functional capacity experts if you are no longer able to work due to your injuries. These experts prepare reports to calculate your damages for the insurance company or jury to advocate for your maximum compensation.

Why Hire My NJ Injury Lawyer Howard P. Lesnik

  • I always offer a free strategy session with no obligation.
  • I never charge a client a fee unless I recover cash settlement.
  • I personally provide exclusive one on one devotion to each client.
  • I handle all insurance communication, applications and forms at no charge.
  • I have obtained countless successful verdicts and settlements for my clients
  • My office provides accident investigation services, including obtaining police reports, ambulance reports, 911-calls, witness statements, surveillance video, and all medical reports and records.
  • I will litigate your case. If your case cannot be settled with the insurance company, I will file a lawsuit for your accident claim. Most cases settle before trial. But I also look forward to presenting any claim before a jury if necessary.
  • I have almost 20 years of experience handling New Jersey car accident cases.

About My NJ Injury Lawyer Howard P. Lesnik

Howard Lesnik began practicing personal injury law in 2001, and is vastly skilled in burn and accident claims, including taking depositions, motion practice, and trial experience. Howard personally handles every injury case himself and does not farm them out to other attorneys or offices. I bring almost 20 years of experience, countless successful settlements and verdicts, and a drive to help NJ burn victims get justice they deserve against enormous insurance companies.

Howard is extremely excited by his record of success stories both in and out of the court room. However, he is also honored about how his clients’ experiences with his firm. Howard has 100% positive reviews on Google, Martindale, AVVO and Howard is a member of the Ethics Committee and makes sure that all his clients get the attention they deserve and strives to make sure they are satisfied throughout the entire process.

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