Howard P. Lesnik, Esq. represented a local high school head football coach who was run over by a FedEx Ground delivery truck while jogging in town. The head football coach was jogging on a sidewalk when a delivery driver pulled out of a driveway in front his path. However, the delivery driver was looking down at the address on the package for her next delivery right in front of my client and ran him over with her truck.

My client watched in horror as he saw the delivery truck pull out of driveway right in his path without stopping. He could see the delivery driver’s head looking down at her packages as he fell to the ground beneath the truck. He was run over and crushed by the truck’s tire.

Immediately rushed to the ER, he was diagnosed with a compound fracture of the left proximal radius to the left elbow area and an open book type pelvis fracture. Xray’s confirmed a collapsed lung, rib fractures and a fractured leg. He required 3 open reduction with internal fixation surgeries to elbow, leg and his pelvis. He required multiple skin grafts with a plastic surgeon.

The deposition of the FedEx driver confirmed that she was late and was rushing to her next delivery and was not looking up when she pulled out of the driveway. She also admitted that FedEx paid her more if she delivered more packages.

The case went to court and we obtained a plastic surgeon medical expert for the skin grafts, an orthopedic medical expert for the surgeries that required hardware, and an accident reconstruction expert to recreate the accident. This case settled on the day of trial for $1,050,000 dollars.

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