Fractured Ankle Caused by Fall Off NJ Transit Bus Settles for $149,000

I recently resolved a case in which I was representing a lady who was commuting to work on public transportation. When the bus pulled up to her bus stop, the driver refused to “kneel” the bus and lower exit door down to curb level. As a result, my client fell several feet down to the sidewalk, and fractured her ankle in three places.

Slip and Fall Accident Settlement: NJ Transit Bus Settles for $149,000The bus driver knew that the door for the bus exit was too high above the street level, but still refused to lower to bus so my client could safely get off. Instead of owning up to their mistake, NJ Transit literally tried to “throw my client under the bus” by alleging she was pushed off the bus. However, there was no evidence to support this story, and the driver should have lowered the bus for my client, causing a dangerous condition for the passengers.

Slip and Fall Accident Settlement: NJ Transit Bus Settles for $149,000The resultant fall caused fractures so severe that my client’s ankle had to be surgically repaired with rods and screws. After the surgery, she had to stay in a rehabilitation facility for over 30 days. The hardware in her ankle eventually had to be replaced with new hardware in her foot in a second surgical procedure.

In order to prepare for trial, I obtained a medical expert to testify about her permanent injuries. I also had medical illustrations of the dramatic x-rays of the fractures and the hardware used to repair her ankle. And I also obtained story board illustrations to explain how both surgeries were performed by the surgeon.

This case settled the week before trial was slated to begin. It was my pleasure to force the defendant to recognize the seriousness of my client’s injuries and how they affected her everyday life. I was gratified that I was able to obtain a reasonable amount of compensation for my client’s pain, suffering and change of life style—all due to the negligence of the bus company and its employee.

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