From thrilling, high-speed, high-flying roller coasters to kiddie rides, amusement parks in New Jersey have a ride for everyone. Amusement park rides are exhilarating, yet thousands of people are injured each year. What happens if you or a loved one is injured at an amusement park and who is responsible to compensate you for your damages and injuries?

Consulting with an experienced NJ injury attorney immediately is critical. First, the amusement park must be properly notified of the incident within 90 days or you may not be able to bring a claim for your injuries. Second, the laws pertaining to amusement park ride accidents in NJ are complex. Your attorney must be familiar with handling claims involving amusement park accidents.

New Jersey’s Amusement Park Laws

Under NJ law, an amusement park must provide a safe environment for all customers who visit the park. The owners must discover and eliminate dangerous conditions, maintain the park in a safe condition, and make sure there are no conditions that make the theme park and the rides unsafe. NJ laws place the duty on the amusement parks because they control the park and as a result, are responsible for any risk of harm to park guests.

NJ Amusement Park Injury Claims

Anyone can suffer an injury at an amusement park at any time. Water parks are also considered amusement parks. There are two main scenarios when accidents can occur. The first is when you are injured due to a dangerous or hazardous condition at the premises for the amusement park. You can trip, fall over and be injured for a variety of reasons at an amusement park or water park. For example, a water park must provide rubber mats and protect guests against the risks of falling and slipping on wet surfaces created from water slides. Similarly, any park must provide safe access between rides, as well as safe entrances and exits to all rides and other locations at the park. Park owners must warn guest about slippery surfaces and provide railings and safe stairs. Theme park owners are responsible for hazards and dangerous conditions on their property.

The second scenario is when you are injured on a ride at the amusement park. Again, these mishaps are common at both water parks and amusement parks and seriously injure countless guests every year. The amusement park must provide proper restraints for riders and must make sure the ride is functioning properly and safely. This includes ride maintenance as well as training for all ride operators. Amusement park rides are inherently dangerous and park owners must ensure that all rides are operating properly and safely at all times.

When a ride is not operating properly, guests are all at risk. Riders can be injured while riding.   They can also be injured if they become stuck on an attraction mid-ride. It may take hours before riders are safely evacuated from a malfunctioning or stuck ride.

Just as dangerous is when the ride operator is not paying attention. This can lead to guests riding who are too short to safely ride rollercoasters. Ride operators who fail to instruct riders on surf, water and wave rides can lead to riders falling and sustaining serious injuries. Operators are also responsible to safely start and stop attractions for all guests, and to make sure all riders are safely restrained before starting the ride.

What to do if you are Injured at an Amusement Park

Immediately notify the ride operator, and make sure that an accident report is documented. Make sure you or someone you are with takes photographs if possible. Make sure you provide all of your information for the accident report. Get the names of everyone at the scene. Seek first aid treatment at the amusement park, and immediately report to a hospital or medical facility for your injuries.

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