My client was walking on a sidewalk early in the morning, when he slipped and fell on ice. As he was walking, the concrete sidewalk slab was covered with a sheet of ice and caused him to slip and fall on the dangerous condition. He fell with such force that he slammed his right ankle and leg on the concrete, and as a result, sustained serious injuries.

Snow and Ice Slip and Fall Settles for $145,000

X-rays of surgical hardware after ORIF operation

When someone falls, it is important to determine exactly where he fell in order to figure out who is responsible for the sidewalk where my client fell.  The sidewalk ran along property that was owned by both a public entity and a commercial business. Public entities are protected by the “Weather Immunity” which means they cannot be sued for weather such as ice and snow. However, commercial property owners have a duty to make sure their property is free from snow and ice. The pretrial investigation determined that the sidewalk where my client fell was owned by a commercial business and he was able to proceed with his claim.

As a result of the fall, my client required right ankle arthroscopic surgery and open reduction with internal fixation (ORIF) surgery. The hardware inserted into my client’s ankle was permanent and included both a plate and numerous screws and pins. The surgery left scars on his right ankle and he required lengthy physical therapy and incurred medical bills.

I was able to reach a settlement that compensated my client for his pain, suffering and permanent injury, as well as reimburse all outstanding medical bills.

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