My 52-year-old client was driving his SUV during a clear summer evening when he was suddenly t-boned by a large tow-truck that ran a red light at full speed through an intersection in Newark, NJ. The tow-truck slammed into the driver’s side door where my client was seated as the driver.

Commercial Vehcle Accident SettlementWhen someone is involved in an accident with a commercial vehicle, there is no limitation on the right to sue or file a claim for injuries in New Jersey. This means that any person involved in an accident with a commercial vehicle does not need to suffer a permanent injury in order to make a claim against the owner of the vehicle. The tow-truck in my client’s case qualified as a commercial vehicle. However, my client’s injuries in this case were permanent and severe.

My client suffered severe trauma as a result of the t-bone collision with the commercial tow-truck. He was immediately transported to the hospital for his injuries and suffered both internal and external bleeding. He required immediate emergency surgery upon arriving at the hospital, where he was diagnosed with a laceration of his spleen, traumatic shock, respiratory failure, and complications from his significant blood loss.

In the emergency room, the surgeons were required to open his abdomen, performed a splenectomy and completely removed his spleen, and performed multiple transfusions of red-blood cells, fresh-frozen plasma, and platelets. Luckily, the surgery was a success, but my client lost his spleen and was left with a horrific scar as a result of the accident.

After the accident and surgery, my client was admitted into the hospital for over a week. He was unemployed and did not have any insurance. When he was released from the hospital, I located a witness listed in the accident report who confirmed the tow-truck driver did not stop at the traffic light and ran the red light at full speed.

My client’s medical bills exceeded $200,000 from the emergency surgery and hospital admission. I was able to negotiate with the hospital and physicians and reduced the lien to $40,000. The insurance company was presented the clear liability of the fault of its tow-truck and recognized the severe and permanent injuries my client suffered as a result of the collision. I was able to negotiate a settlement for $350,000 to compensate my client for his injuries, pain and suffering.

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