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If you were injured in a car accident in New Jersey, you may be interested in settling your claim. Auto accident claims can be highly stressful, and if you are not a lawyer, you most likely are not familiar with what is involved in settling a car accident case in New Jersey. Here are some helpful tips to help you become familiar with what is involved in NJ accident claims…

5 Things You Must Know About Settling a Car Accident Case in New Jersey:

  1. There are many variables that go into determining out how much your accident case is worth. You definitely want to make sure you are reimbursed for economic damages from medical bills to treat the injury you suffered from the car accident and property damage to repair your vehicle. However, you can’t stop just there. You may have a claim for lost wages due to missed work time as a result of the injuries you suffered in the car accident. And of course, a claim for pain and suffering must compensate you for your permanent injuries, losses to your quality of life and complications to your everyday activities.
  2. Every single car accident case is unique. The settlements that you will receive in New Jersey are not only different from accidents in places like California, but they also can be different based upon what County in New Jersey the accident happens in or even where you live. Also, since every case is unique in itself, there is no science formula that can determine the exact value of your case. This is why an experienced New Jersey injury lawyer can be extremely helpful to your accident case.
  3. Insurance companies make money hand over fist and can afford to drag out your claim for as long as possible. Insurance companies are in the business of making as much money as possible. They are like bookies who don’t want to pay off on a bet. They will happily accept the insurance premium every month, but when it comes time to pay out on an accident claim, they will try to delay the claim, hold up your settlement, or try to get you to accept a lowball offer.
  4. It is important that you document everything and anything. If you are able to take photos at the accident scene, make sure you do. Also, keep track of all your physicians, medical bills, medical appointments, treatment, and repair estimates. This will assist either you or your attorney when preparing a demand package when trying to settle your accident case with the adjuster for the insurance company.
  5. In is not impossible to settle your own case without an attorney. Many New Jersey car accident attorneys won’t share this information with you. But insurance companies can voluntarily offer you a settlement for your case without an attorney. However, if your case is complex and involves liability issues, serious permanent injuries, extensive medical bills, and significant lost wages, you should really consult with an experienced New Jersey injury lawyer. Most attorneys offer free consultations and my office will even offer you a free strategy session to help draw up a game plan or road map for your accident case.

What if Your New Jersey Car Accident Case Does Not Settle?

While a fair settlement is always the best outcome, this is dependent on whether the insurance company will be reasonable and negotiate in good faith. However, if that doesn’t happen in your case, the next step is to file a lawsuit – which must be done 2 years from the date of the car accident in New Jersey. This will allow your attorney to obtain medical expert reports for your injuries and liability experts to show who is responsible for the car accident. Your attorney can also take the deposition of the other driver responsible for your car accident. Sometimes cases don’t settle until before trial, and other times they don’t settle until the trial starts. An experienced personal injury lawyer will never be afraid to take your case to trial if necessary. I personally love speaking to juries during trials for my clients.

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