My 38-year-old client was driving to NYC during the evening rush hour in bumper traffic after the toll plaza in New Jersey when she was suddenly rammed by a tractor trailer trying to merge into her lane. The large JB Hunt truck hit the back wheel of my client’s car and dragged her vehicle until it came to a rest after the collision.

The driver of the truck tried to blame my client for the accident, so we were forced to file a lawsuit in New Jersey Superior Court. During the litigation, we hired a retired NJ police officer as an accident reconstruction expert. My expert reconstructed the crash and was able to demonstrate that the truck did not operate his large commercial vehicle properly and attempted to merge into traffic without checking his blind-spots. Additionally, when I took the deposition of the truck driver, he admitted that he did not see my client’s car prior to crashing into her vehicle and that he was behind my client’s car when he attempted to merge.

As a result of the truck crash, my client suffered severe injuries to her left shoulder, left knee and back. An MRI of the left knee revealed a tear of the medial meniscus. An MRI of her left shoulder showed a rotator cuff tear for the right shoulder. The MRI of the lumbar spine in her back showed disc herniations and bulges.

The injuries required my client to undergo arthroscopic surgery of the knee and arthroscopic surgery of the shoulder. We retained a board certified orthopedic surgeon as our medical expert who concluded these injuries were permanent and were caused by the accident with the JB Hunt tractor trailer. We also hired an illustrator in preparation for trial who created a story board to visually explain the surgical procedures to the jury.

Prior to trial, the defense attorneys for JB Hunt requested that this case be mediated by a professional mediator. After mediation, we were able to settle my client’s claim with JB Hunt for $145,000.00. As a result, my client avoided the necessity and uncertainty of a trial and was able to be fully compensated for her injuries caused by a truck driver who didn’t check his mirrors before merging in heavy traffic at the George Washington Bridge.

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