motorcycle accident

It is bad enough being involved in any motor vehicle accident. It’s even worse and frequently more dangerous if you are driving or riding on a motorcycle. Motorcycle accident victims are often thrown from their motorcycle and may slide on the pavement or find themselves alone and laying along the side of the road. Some riders are able to dust themselves off and get back on the motorcycle. Other riders are not so lucky and may find themselves dazed, confused, broken or even critically injured. A knowledgeable attorney will help you make a claim for the property damage to your motorcycle, medical bills and fair compensation for your injuries.

Motorcycle Safety Facts

  • 90% of motorcycles involve riders who have no training in motorcycle riding.
  • 33% of motorcycle fatalities involved drivers under the influence of alcohol according to the NJ DOT.
  • 50% of motorcycle accidents happen at intersections.
  • Two-thirds of all motorcycle accidents happen when the other driver did not see the motorcycle.
  • Two-thirds of all crashes involve excessive motorcycle speed.
  • 40% of motorcycle fatalities for single vehicle crashes happened at corners and sharp turns.
  • 25% of motorcycle fatalities involve a driver that did not have a motorcycle endorsement on their drivers license.
  • There were almost 12,000 accidents involving motorcycles in New Jersey in the last five years.

Motorcycle Safety Tips

  • Be on the Lookout for Motorcycles
    A motorcycle can be hidden by large SUVs, trucks and heavy traffic. Always be alert.
  • Be Prepared for Dangers for Motorcycles
    Anticipate hazards associated with unsafe road conditions, such as potholes, blind curves, steep inclines, and narrow streets.
  • Never Tailgate Motorcycles
    Any impact from a car with a motorcycle’s rear tire will cause the motorcycle to lose control.
  • Be Kind on the Road
    Safe driving can prevent accidents. Obey all local traffic laws and signs. Be mindful that motorcycles are smaller and faster. Make sure you check your blind spots before turning and changing lanes.

What is the Helmet Law in New Jersey?

In New Jersey, you are not permitted to drive or ride on a motorcycle without a helmet approved by the DOT. All helmets must have a chin/neck straps and reflective markings.

What Should I do if I am in a Motorcycle Accident in NJ?

Motorcycle crashes can be deadly at any speed. Even motorcycles traveling less than 30 mph can result in serious injuries and death. Helmets can reduce the chance of serious brain injuries, but traumatic brain injuries and other injuries can occur to drivers in motorcycle collisions and when thrown from a motorcycle or landing on the road at any speed. Nevertheless, the odds for riders without helmets are TRIPLE to suffer a fatality from head trauma than riders with a helmet.

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