What happens when someone receives a subpoena for a federal grand jury? A federal grand jury investigation focuses on witnesses, subjects and targets. The first question an experienced federal criminal defense attorney will ask the US Attorney’s Office always will be, “Is my client a witness, subject or target?”

federal subpoenasA “witness” is someone federal prosecutors believe has information relating to the investigation, but not looked at as a suspect. A “subject” is someone that the federal government has not yet decided to charge with charge with a federal offense. A “subject” is someone the government needs more information about and is subject to criminal exposure, arrest and charges. A “target” is a person that federal prosecutors believe committed an offense and will arrest and charge with a crime.

It is at this early stage that it is best to consult with an experienced criminal defense attorney. Your attorney will know who to contact in the US Attorney’s Office on your behalf. Once it is determined whether you are a witness, subject or target, your attorney will help you strategize how to respond to the federal investigation. This can make all the difference on whether or not you are charged with a federal criminal offense.

The constitution guarantees anyone charged with a crime the right to a speedy and public trial. An experienced criminal defense attorney may help you avoid the criminal charges all together. My office has the experience and the skill to assist you in preparing to respond to federal subpoenas. I will personally with speak to the federal investigators and the AUSA. I will determine up front whether you face any potential criminal exposure. I will consult with you about the investigation, so you have all the information you need to make an informed decision. I can assist you in avoiding criminal charges and exposure from the very beginning. I am a board-certified criminal trial attorney and have represented hundreds of people in federal and state courts throughout New Jersey.

What Should You Do If You Receive a Federal Subpoena?

If you are notified about a subpoena with your name, it does not always mean that you are a subject or target of a federal investigation. You should immediately contact an attorney. If you have not been served with the subpoena, your attorney can accept service of the subpoena. This can ensure that you are not bothered or embarrassed at work or your home neighborhood by FBI agents.

If you are served with a subpoena, make sure that you do not make any statement and decline to answer any and all questions about the case. Refer all questions to your attorney’s office. If you have not retained an attorney, make sure that you advise the agents that will not answer any questions or make statements until you have had the opportunity to consult with an attorney. Make sure you get the cards of the agents so your attorney can contact them directly.

Federal Criminal Charge Representation in the District of NJ

Howard P. Lesnik, Esq., is a board-certified criminal trial attorney by the Supreme Court of New Jersey and is an experienced criminal defense lawyer. Mr. Lesnik provides highly personalized attention and representation. Mr. Lesnik accepts federal matters and implements a legal strategy designed to achieve a successfully result for every client. Mr. Lesnik’s preparation, investigation, research, legal strategy, negotiation and extensive trial skills ensures the success for his clients.

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