Financial Crimes in New Jersey are very serious charges and are investigated by the State Police, the Attorney General’s Office, and members of the special task forces, including agents with the IRS, US Secret Service and US Immigration Customs Enforcement (ICE). If you are contacted by any agent from these bureaus, take their card, do not answer any questions and contact a NJ criminal defense attorney immediately. If you receive a letter or subpoena from any of these agencies, contact a NJ criminal defense attorney immediately.

Do Not Give a Statement

Do not make any statement to an investigator without an attorney. You have a right to be represented by an attorney. You also have the most important constitutional right against self-incrimination. You have no doubt seen a detective on TV say, “anything you say can and will be used against you.” And it will. Especially if you lie, change your story, or minimize your conduct. You can be charged with criminal perjury or obstructing an investigation. Make sure you immediately contact a NJ criminal defense attorney to protect your rights.

Types of Financial Crimes in NJ

Agents, task forces and detectives investigate many Financial Crimes in NJ, including:

  • Credit Card Fraud
  • Embezzlement
  • Money Laundering,
  • Identity Theft
  • Health Care Fraud and Insurance Fraud
  • Tax Fraud
  • Bad Checks and Fraudulent Checks
  • Racketeering

Penalties for Financial Crimes

Penalties vary for financial crimes based upon the value involved in each case and the offense charged. Penalties for theft offenses can be found here.  However, individuals indicted for first degree crimes can receive sentences up to 20 years and face large fines and penalties. Additionally, after the criminal case is over, the government can still seek additional civil fines and penalties even if you already were fined in the criminal case.

Experienced Representation by a Board-Certified Attorney

If you are charged with a financial crime in New Jersey, you need an experienced criminal defense attorney. Any attorney can claim they are “experienced.” But only the NJ Supreme Court recognizes certified trial attorneys who have established the required level of competence in their field of law. Although many practicing trial attorneys now advertise online, only attorneys certified by the New Jersey Supreme Court are entitled to use the designation “Certified by the Supreme Court of New Jersey as a Criminal Trial Attorney.”

Contact My Office Immediately

Howard P. Lesnik, Esq., is a board-certified criminal trial attorney by the New Jersey Supreme Court and handles these criminal charges throughout the State on a regular basis. If you or a family member is being investigated or charged with a financial crime in New Jersey, contact me immediately so I can review your case and the evidence against you and advise you as to all possible defenses to make sure that you are properly represented. In many cases investigators will subpoena your records or request you to make a statement or submit to an interview. Please contact me now by email, by phoning 908.264.7701, or by completing the form to the right to schedule your complimentary 30-minute strategy session.

Financial Crimes in New Jersey