Truck accidents in New Jersey are all too common. And a recent report published by the Reason Foundation gave New Jersey the distinction for having the worst roads and highways in the nation – for the second year in a row. That, coupled with one of the congested highway systems in the nation, is a recipe for disaster for truck accidents in New Jersey. The enormous size and weight of commercial tractor trailers barreling down highways create a dangerous risk of injuries – and fatalities – when they are involved in accidents.

Settlements for Truck Accidents in New Jersey

Top 8 Causes of Truck Accidents

  1. Truck Size and Cargo Weight: Not only are tractor trailers huge, but their cargo can be heavy or even hazardous. The size of trucks makes them hard to maneuver. The weight of trucks makes it difficult for them to slow down or stop in time. A cargo spill can cause multi-vehicle pile ups.
  2. Truck Driver Fatigue: While there are rules about how long a truck driver can travel without a break, many truck drivers ignore these regulations in order to get to their destination on time. And in New Jersey, the truck rest stops are often full to capacity with no room for tired truck drivers. Truck driver fatigue can lead to poor decisions, delayed reactions, or even sleeping behind the wheel while driving a truck. Truck Driver Fatigue is very dangerous and can even be deadly to other drivers on the road.
  3. Illegal Drugs and Narcotics: While the most frequent drug used by truck drivers is marijuana, speed is often taken by truck drivers. The narcotic amphetamine known as “speed” is taken by truck drivers so they can try to stay awake during long hauls. Approximately 50,000 truck drivers test positive for speed each year – and those are just the ones who are caught. The numbers could be much higher.
  4. Mechanical Failures: Broken down trucks are a familiar sight on New Jersey’s highways and roads. The trucking companies are supposed to conduct maintenance on their trucks, but by the sheer volume of broken down and old trucks on the road, this is clearly not happening. Also, truck tire blowouts can cause trucks to lose control at high rates of speed. This is very dangerous for unlucky drivers near a truck during a blowout.
  5. Blind Spots: Trucks are very large and have blind spots in their side view mirrors. Cars are lower than the truck driver’s cab. This can lead to an accident if a truck driver attempts to turn or change lanes with a car in its blind spot.
  6. Road Rage: Aggressive driving is common for truck drivers who are frustrated with long hours on the highway and stuck in traffic. Truck drivers have deadlines to get their delivery to its destination. And after they make the delivery, they have to drive all the way back to base. Truck drivers who are delayed by traffic or frustrated with long hours on the road can become aggressive. Tip: Since trucks are larger than your car, you should ALWAYS yield to a truck to be safe.
  7. Poor Training: Trucking companies are always hiring new drivers. The rush to get new drivers on the road can lead to inexperienced truck drivers. Inexperienced truck drivers are unsafe truck drivers. Not only are poorly trained truck drivers unfamiliar with driving a truck, they are also unfamiliar with rules and laws that apply to trucks. Many trucks are not allowed on certain roads due to their weight or low overpasses. Trucks often drive where they’re not allowed and crash into low bridges. Did you know that trucks are not allowed on the Gardens State Parkway in New Jersey? Even if you do, out of state truck drivers may not…
  8. Truck Driver Distraction: Distracted driving is not just for cars. Truck drivers can also be distracted on cell phones, CB radios, or GPS. Truck drivers may be diverted on GPS due to traffic and end up not paying attention to other cars on the road. Boredom on the road also lead truck drivers to talking or looking at the internet on their phones while they drive.

And the enormous size and weight of big rigs and tractor trailers magnifies the risk of serious injury – or fatality – when involved in an accident with a truck.

Truck Accident Facts:

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration report from 2019:

  • Almost 5,000 fatalities from truck accidents in 2017
  • 75% of the people killed in truck accidents were in the other vehicle
  • 3% of fatal truck accidents involved a truck driver who was drunk or over the legal blood alcohol limit.
  • Deaths in truck accidents have increased almost 10%

Trucks are Large and Drive Fast

Tractor trailers have 18 wheels. If one blows at high speed, the entire truck and its trailer may shift, causing the truck to swerve or even lose control. Construction vehicles, dump trucks and gravel trucks are large, and travel at high speeds. They may spill debris as they speed past cars on the highway. Heavy trucks on the highway speed up when the travel on downhill or down-grades. Cargo in trucks may be overloaded. If a truck turns too sharp, its load can topple the trailer. Heavy trucks that are speeding can jackknife when they attempt to break or stop quickly.

Be careful, be alert, and drive safe. If you are involved in an accident with a truck, you may be seriously injured.

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