My client was a fitness trainer in her early 30s and was invited to her then-boyfriend’s condo to meet his new dog. The pet turned out to be a 135-pound Rottweiler-Mastiff mix. The huge dog lunged and jumped on my client and bit her face and her neck. My client underwent plastic surgery, but suffered permanent scarring to her eye, cheek, neck and lip.

Dog Bite Settlement for $400,000Prior to the accident, my client enjoyed a confident and self-assured personality. My client, who was considered attractive both before and after the accident, became severely self-conscious about the scarring on her face and neck. Additionally, she suffered from emotional trauma, fear of dogs, nightmares and underwent psychotherapy.

During the litigation, expert witnesses were retained to prepare for trial. A plastic surgeon was needed to explain the surgery and the permanent nature of the scars. A psychiatrist was also needed to explain the emotional trauma suffered from the dog attack and fear of animals as a result.

The case settled after a settlement conference with the Judge prior to trial. I was thankful that I was involved in obtaining fair compensation for my client’s physical and emotional damages. The NJ dog bite laws impose strict liability on the owner for any dog bite. In this case, it would have made no difference and the dog owner would have still been responsible regardless of whether his dog was a toy poodle or a massive 135-pound mixed Rottweiler-Mastiff breed.

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