NJ Landowners Responsibility to Prevent Slip and Fall Accidents

Nearly five percent of all emergency room patients in the United States seek treatment for injuries suffered in a slip and fall accident. When one of these accidents takes place on property owned and maintained by some other party, the person who was injured may have the ability to file suit for damages resulting from their injuries, if the owner or occupier of the property was negligent in some fashion. Understanding the circumstances under which a property owner is considered negligent in slip and fall accidents and other premises liability matters is critical both for landowners and for individuals who find themselves injured after a slip and fall or other accident.

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Falls in Amusement Parks

New Jersey is fortunate to be home to many amusement parks, from local theme parks to Six Flags. Six Flags is one of the largest amusement park, water park and safari chains in the country. Theme parks provide a sense of adventure, playfulness, and safety within their borders – which is why it seems all the more jarring when something goes wrong and someone is hurt. The idea of an accident at an amusement park conjures up images of roller-coaster disasters, but as a fraction of all personal injury claims at theme parks, these catastrophes are thankfully rare. Much more commonly, the sort of accidents that result in an injury claim and a potential lawsuit are rather mundane: the same sort of slip and fall accident that can happen in a supermarket or a restaurant.

Caution: Icy Conditions Cause Falls, Sprains, Broken Ankles In New Jersey

Slip and fall accidents from icy conditions in winter are a leading cause of accidents in New Jersey. 25% of icy and snowy falls happen in parking lots. There are thousands of slip-and-fall accidents from icy, snowy and sleet conditions each year. Freezing temperatures quickly turn any precipitation into a slipping hazard, creating prime conditions «more»

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Dangers of Slip and Falls During Freeze and Thaw Cycles in New Jersey

In the immediate aftermath of a snowstorm, the bitter cold and piles of snow and ice make venturing outside a frightening event. Winter storms can leave behind dangerously slippery conditions for anyone traveling on foot, even if just walking to their car. However, when the temperature starts to rise a little, surely that’s a sign «more»