Rear-end Auto Accident with Snow PlowI represented a young lady who was driving home from work when she was rear-ended. My client was literally plowed into as she was struck by the plow from large pick-up truck behind her. Road conditions were wet from melting snow and side streets and medians were piled high with snow banks. The force of the impact sent her car careening into a large, icy snow bank. The impact from the crash into the snow bank caused snow to fly into the air and blanket her vehicle after the accident.

As a result of my client’s injuries, my client suffered herniations to her back and her neck. The pain radiated into her arms and legs and caused numbness. She required epidural injections into her neck and lower back. She also required a laminectomy, which is a surgical procedure to decompress bones that were pressing on her nerves and spinal cord. She also required a discectomy, which is an operation to remove the damaged herniated disc in her spine to alleviate pressure.

Rear-end auto accident video evidenceThe insurance company for the other driver did not want to settle the case despite the rear-end accident and severe permanent injuries suffered by my client. The other insurance company refused to believe that its driver caused the accident. My investigation recovered a surveillance video from a gas station on the street where the accident occurred. The video showed the other vehicle plow into the rear of my client’s car. The video also captured the dramatic impact of my client’s car into the snow bank, and the “snow explosion” from crashing into the snow bank. The video was powerful evidence that the other driver was negligent and caused the accident.

As a NJ Injury Lawyer who handles cases like this on a regular basis, I was able to track down the video which was instrumental in settling my client’s case without having to go to trial. I was able to negotiate a $175,000 settlement to compensate my client for her pain, suffering, medical bills and permanent injuries.

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