Why You Need an Attorney When Involved in Motor Vehicle Accidents

The roadways in New Jersey are some of the most congested in the country. Congestion is a major issue for the state of New Jersey due to several incredibly busy roadways such as the Lincoln Tunnel, one of the busiest roads in the country. The tunnel alone causes 3.4 million hours of delay and costs $87 million in lost time annually. New Jersey motorists also have to deal with the third-longest commute time in the U.S. Traffic jams and congestions are spurred by a growing population—the majority of which commute in single-occupancy cars. These statistics make them some of the most dangerous roads to be upon whether you’re in car, on a bike, in a truck or on foot. An accident can happen in a split second, changing your life forever.

NJ motor vehicle accidentsIf you or a loved one has been involved in a vehicle accident, you could be facing financial consequences you are not able to maintain. No one is ever ready for unexpected motor vehicle accidents or the emotional and financial difficulties that follow. You could become submerged in paperwork and stress dealing with insurance companies, your injuries, repairs, recovery, and pain.

As a victim of a car accident in New Jersey, you are entitled to compensation. This restitution would cover lost wages, pain, and suffering, medical costs, property damage and disability benefits for any permanent injury or disfigurement. Retaining a personal injury lawyer will allow you legal counsel by someone who understands the laws and can best protect your rights.

Insurance companies know what is at stake in accidents and can make your life difficult when filing a claim for a motor vehicle crash. They staff highly skilled attorneys who are able to find ways out of their obligations. They will aggressively protect their profits. Your lawyer, on the other hand, will protect you and seek the maximum amount for you. The best way to work around their tactics to avoid paying their responsibilities is to hire an attorney with experience in handling insurance companies.

You will need an attorney as soon as possible and before you release information to the insurance company. They will ask you for statements, medical reports and any details you have regarding the accident. You should not release any reports, medical records, applications, or any information until you have consulted with an attorney. A personal injury attorney should be the one providing the requested information on your behalf to ensure it is prepared and delivered properly.

The laws in New Jersey regarding motor vehicle accidents are complicated and confusing. If you have been involved in a crash, whether as a passenger or a driver, and have sustained injuries, you should contact an attorney as soon as possible. The accident will need to be reported to the insurance company right away as well. You do not want to give them any reason to deny your legitimate claim.

New Jersey is a no-fault car insurance state which means you will need to file a claim under personal injury protection to receive compensation for medical bills, financial loss, and injuries regardless of who was responsible. When you get into a car accident in New Jersey, your first option is to file a no-fault claim for Personal Injury Protection (PIP) claim. You can receive these benefits regardless of whether you or someone else caused the crash. This is why people often refer to PIP benefits as “no-fault benefits”. Your lawyer can help you to file this claim and deal with your insurance company if you run into any obstacles.

If your injuries meet certain prerequisites, you may be able to step outside of the no-fault and file a claim directly against those at fault for economic damages. Depending on which auto insurance policy and “right to sue” option you have chosen, you can also sue the other driver for non-economic damages. You will need an attorney who has been board certified by the New Jersey Supreme Court at your side to determine your best course and help you recover from both medical and financial losses.

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