If you find yourself facing criminal charges of any kind in Union County, NJ, or have been detained under suspicion of a crime, you need to act quickly but carefully in choosing a criminal defense attorney to secure your fundamental rights. There is no such thing as a “simple” criminal charge, as even a misdemeanor has the potential to wreak devastating effects on your life. You need to choose an experienced, tenacious, and respected criminal defense lawyer who knows the courts, the judges, and the prosecutors, and is devoted to securing the best possible outcome for your case. Making the right decision when looking for a criminal defense attorney is essential for protecting your rights and your future.

You should contact a criminal defense attorney as soon as you become aware that you are being charged with a crime, or are part of an investigation by law enforcement. The earlier in the process your attorney is involved, the more he can do to protect your rights, and reduce the chance that you will even have to appear in a courtroom.

As soon as you are detained, or as soon as any law enforcement officer starts to ask you questions, that is when you should assert your right to an attorney and bring in your criminal defense lawyer. Do not volunteer any information to police, or answer any questions asked by law enforcement, without your lawyer present. The police have the power to lie to you about whether you are under suspicion of a crime, and they may try to play into your natural human urge to explain yourself or clear up confusion – but even apparently innocent statements you make can be turned against you later. Nothing you say to the police will truly be “off the record.” The safest thing you can do for yourself is to respond to any police questions with, “I want my lawyer.”

Your criminal defense attorney understands that in New Jersey, just as everywhere in the US, you are presumed innocent and it is the responsibility of the prosecution to prove every step of the case against you. With this aggressive advocacy on your behalf, it may be possible for an experienced criminal defense attorney to convince prosecutors to reduce, or even dismiss, the charges against you. If you are facing felony charges, the possibility of reducing those charges to misdemeanor or disorderly charges can make an enormous impact on your future.

If your case does progress to the courts, you should be able to trust that your experienced criminal defense lawyer will fight tenaciously every step of the way, forcing the prosecution to prove any points it tries to make against you, challenging any evidence collection that might have violated your rights, and collecting and presenting evidence to aid your defense.

While every case is unique, there are many types of criminal charges that arise commonly in New Jersey criminal defense practice, including:

In addition, many clients have important questions about several aspects of the criminal justice process and how we can help. It’s not necessarily in the interest of police and prosecutors to make sure that you fully understand the processes going on around you and know your rights and all the options available to you, so your criminal defense lawyer needs to be able to fill in the gaps and give you a complete, easy to understand picture of the situation. We can answer questions on subjects including:

An experienced criminal defense attorney is also aware of the options that exist that offer alternatives to the courtroom, and can help determine whether your situation has the potential to qualify. In New Jersey, there exists a Pre-Trial Intervention Program which diverts some first-time offenders away from prosecution in the courts and instead offers early rehabilitative services, when there is a reasonable expectation that this intervention will deter future criminal behavior. New Jersey also offers a conditional dismissal program through the Municipal Courts, which you may qualify for if you’ve never been convicted of any petty disorderly person offense, disorderly persons offense, or crime. Another option in some cases is conditional discharge, under New Jersey statute (N.J.S.A 2C:36A-1) which could allow a stay and potentially a dismissal of pending charges. If none of these programs apply, your criminal defense lawyer can also advise you on whether seeking a plea bargain would be applicable and advantageous in your situation.

Facing criminal charges can be a complex and intimidating prospect, and you deserve an experienced advocate on your side to ensure that you understand everything that’s happening, to defend your rights, and to explain all the options available to you. A good criminal defense attorney can do all that and more – with the right representation, your case may never see the inside of a courtroom, but if it does, you can trust you’ll have the robust defense you deserve.

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Union County

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About Union County New Jersey

Elevation: 79 feet
Area: 9.092 mi²
Population: 572,114 (2021)

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Niche, a well-respected source of community and school district profiles and rankings for K-12 Schools, Colleges, and Places to Live, gives an A+ rating to 8 municipalities in Union County, A ratings to 4 municipalities, and 2 A- ratings to two Union County municipalities.

How Far is Union County from NYC?

19.4 miles

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Via US-22 W 24 min (11.1 mi)

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  11. Keep left to stay on US-22 W
  12. Pass by AT&T Store (on the left in 1.5 mi) – 3.1 mi
  13. Slight right onto Hillside Ave – 0.7 mi
  14. Turn left onto Mountain Ave
  15. Pass by Dunkin’ (on the left) – 0.5 mi