My client was attending a training seminar for new employees at a local hotel in New Jersey. After the training seminar, a co-worker agreed to give her a ride home. During the ride home, police attempted to pull over the vehicle my client was a passenger in. The driver told my client that he did not want to go to jail and sped off towards the highway in an attempt to elude the police. My client pleaded with the driver to pull over. The driver refused to pull over, and instead eluded police. However, once on the highway, the driver pushed my client out of the car while it was still moving.

Passenger Thrown from Car Suffers Back Injuries

Passenger Thrown from Car Suffers Back Injuries

The driver was arrested a week later and charged with eluding and aggravated assault. He eventually pleaded guilty and admitted to eluding police and throwing my client from the car. As a result of her injuries, my client treated at the Emergency Room. After she was discharged, she followed-up with a chiropractor, physical therapy, pain management doctor, and an orthopaedic surgeon. She suffered trauma and injuries to her neck, back and both knees.

She first tried conservative treatment with a chiropractor and physical therapy for seven (7) months. MRIs of her neck and back both revealed disc herniations with impingement on the spine. After conservative treatment, a pain management surgeon administered epidural injections.

My client also treated with an orthopaedic surgeon for her knees. The MRI of her left knee revealed a torn medial meniscus. The MRI of the right knee revealed a torn lateral meniscus.

The defendant was serving a state prison sentence and did not file an answer to the complaint. In court, the Judge entered an order for $100,000 in favor of my client for her pain and suffering. All her medical bills were covered.

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