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Do you know how to spot a FAKE AWARD an attorney may have purchased instead of earned? If you sat down with an attorney, would you know what questions to ask to make sure his/her law firm is the right match for you? And do you understand the common terms that may be used in your legal issue?

Honestly, finding the right attorney can be hard.

Think about it…

You will probably work with one or two attorneys over your entire life – at most!

It doesn’t help that most law firms like to operate with a cloak of secrecy. This behavior isn’t helpful to YOU, the potential client, so I just don’t understand why law firms do it.

I find my clients appreciate a down-to-earth, relatable approach to “The Law.” Some even encouraged me to create more materials like this online session – as a matter of fact, you can thank my own clients for what I want to reveal to you!

Secrets I Would Use to Hire an Attorney for My Family Members

Right now, you may be entering a weird world with its own language and customs. That’s how most people view the legal profession. I admit, the whole thing can appear strange. After all, most people don’t worry about things like Personal Injury Protection (PIP) benefits, Uninsured or Underinsured Motorist (UM/UIM) in their day-to-day lives!

Before you hire a NJ Injury Law Attorney, you absolutely must know:

  1. What does it actually mean when an attorney calls himself “aggressive”?
  2. Can attorneys actually evaluate your case right on the spot in a first meeting, or could they be duping you by giving you false hope?
  3. Is there a difference between a “board certified trial attorney” and other attorneys? How could that affect the outcome of your case?
  4. What are the three things you should ask for from every law firm before signing any forms?
  5. How can you quietly double-check the reputation of an attorney you’re thinking of hiring (without him or her even knowing it’s happening)?

If any family member of mine was thinking of hiring an attorney, I would make sure he or she was equipped with this information.

I would like to say that Mr Howard Lesnik did a fabulous job with representation for my Family would hire him any time for Criminal and or Civil Cases. Great Job Mr. Lesnik Thanks once again.
Tawanna Holmes, August, 2018

But you don’t need to be in my family to be “in the family” of my law firm…

So, I’m going to share all the answers to those questions with you during an exclusive (and entirely FREE) email report about hiring a New Jersey Personal Injury Lawyer.

Here’s What You Might Be Thinking Right Now…

Is there a catch?

Honestly, no.

Sure, if you think my law firm is a good match for you after getting my report, I’d be happy to talk. However, you’re not making any commitment to me here. And I’ll seriously give you critical resources to help you hire an attorney, even if it’s not me.

Seriously, why is it free?

What I’ve found is the more information I put out there, the more clients I ultimately get to help. Doing these sorts of free seminars helps me fulfill a long-term goal of my law firm: to help people get answers to their pressing legal questions.

By offering this information free, I attract a lot of curious people who are ready to take action with their legal issue. Some become clients, and that is great! But it’s not a requirement, and I love hearing from people who use the information. (Even some folks from outside our state!)

Will I definitely find the right attorney for me?

I’m not allowed to guarantee a particular outcome, but I think it’s fair to say you will be far better equipped to find the right match after this session.

Can I just go ahead and talk to you about my case?


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