In New Jersey, the number one cause of fatal car accidents during 2018 was distracted driving. In fact, distracted driving caused more fatal crashes than DWIs or speeding accidents. The good news is that less motorists are driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. The bad news is that motorists are driving while distracted more now than ever before. Drivers talking on cell phones, texting, checking social media or attempting to control their automobile entertainment systems while navigating New Jersey’s roads can be more than a distraction – they can become absolutely deadly in the blink of an eye.

A study conducted by the New Jersey State Police revealed that almost 150 deadly crashes were caused by distracted driving. This is why NJ has implemented stiff fines for texting while driving and can even suspend a driver’s license for some repeat offenders. At the same time DWI’s lead to just over 140 fatal crashes, and speeding fatalities clocked in at just over 50 in 2018. This marks 8 years in a row where distracted driving was the number one cause of deadly accidents in New Jersey.

The silver lining is that fatalities from distracted driving in 2018 was slightly down from 2017. Most police officers credit the “U text, U drive, U pay” campaign for the decrease in distracted driving fatalities.

Distracted Driving Statistics for New Jersey

The New Jersey DOT blamed almost 1400 crashes on cell phones last year, which is a decrease from the 1500 crashes involving cell phones in 2017. And while distracted driving is the leading cause of car crashes in NJ, the number has slightly declined each year.

DWI was linked to 143 deadly accidents in 2018, which is also a decrease from the 158 DWI fatalities in 2017, according to NJ State Police.

Pedestrians fatalities were also down in 2018. 166 pedestrians were killed in 2018, which was down from the 181 fatalities in 2017. Hit and run victims accounted for 30 of the pedestrians hit in 2018.

While car accident deaths have decreased, pedestrian deaths are on the rise. One explanation may be distracted driving. Smart phones are equipped to do more than just make calls. People use their phones for text messages, internet, social media, music and GPS. People have become so dependent on their phones that they continue to use them while driving. A driver who looks at his phone for 5 seconds at 55 miles per hour can travel over 300 yards – all while not looking at the road!

What To Do If You Are Involved In An Accident With A Distracted Driver

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Deadly Distracted Driving in NJ