Middlesex County, New Jersey, is the second most populated county in the State of New Jersey, according to the 2018 census data. Middlesex County also boasts the nickname, “Greatest County in the Land.”

Middlesex County NJ CourthouseMiddlesex County, located in the center of the State, enjoys close proximity to trains and highways, making it highly accessible for tourists, nightlife, commuters and visitors for people traveling anywhere in New Jersey. The County seat is in New Brunswick, NJ. New Brunswick is also home to Rutgers University, the State University of New Jersey and a member of the Big Ten Athletic Conference. Rutgers also has a second campus in Middlesex County, located in Piscataway. Over 35,000 undergraduate students attend Rutgers. Personal injury accidents and car accidents happen to good people in Middlesex County. People injured in accidents in Middlesex County because of another person’s negligence are entitled to compensation.

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Personal Injury Claims

Personal injury claims in New Jersey are caused by another person’s negligence. Victims of personal injury can suffer injuries and face expensive medical bills. They can also lose time from work.   Accident victims are entitled to compensation for their injuries and expenses.  They are also entitled to money for future medical costs and care.

Car Accident Claims

New Jersey has some of the busiest roads in the Country. Middlesex County is no exception. People rush to their destinations and can tailgate, cut people off, and driver recklessly. If you are in an accident in Middlesex County, wait for police to arrive on the scene. Make sure you receive medical treatment for your injuries. Report the accident to your insurance company and consult with a New Jersey Car Accident Lawyer.

Motorcycle Accident Claims

Middlesex County is very scenic, and motorcycles are popular way to travel and enjoy the outdoors. Many other drivers do not share the road with motorcycles. This leads to accidents and injured motorcycle riders. Motorcycle riders in accidents should try to take photographs of the accident scene and the motorcycle damage. People in motorcycle accidents are entitled to compensation for their injuries and should consult with an experienced attorney.

Truck Accident Claims

Truck accidents happen in Middlesex County on the NJ Turnpike and roads and highways. Truck drivers can become distracted following GPS, talking on cellphones and walkie-talkies, and when tired during long trips. Truck accidents can permanently injure drivers and passengers in other cars. Often, insurance companies for trucks arrive on scene when there is a truck accident.  You need to consult with an attorney if you are involved in a truck accident because the insurance company for the truck may already be investigating the accident.

Pedestrian Accidents

Most drivers who hit pedestrians are talking on their cell phones or speeding. If these drivers try to cover up the fact that they caused the accident, they may try to say the pedestrian darted out in front of them. Don’t let the other driver try to blame the pedestrian in an accident. Immediately obtain a copy of the accident report and consult with a New Jersey injury lawyer ASAP.

Premises Liability Claims

The customer is always right, unless the customer falls at store and is injured. Insurance companies for the stores will try to argue that they did not have any notice of the dangerous condition. Businesses are responsible for all hazardous conditions that they were aware of – or should have been aware of.  If you are injured at a store or business, consult with an attorney as soon as possible. A New Jersey premise liability attorney will make a claim for your injuries, medical expenses, and other expenses.

Dog Bite and Dog Attack Claims

My neighbor was bit by my family’s dog when I was seven years old. Because we were friends, the neighbor did not want to make a claim against us for the dog bite. My family told the neighbor that he had to make a claim against us and that our homeowner’s insurance was obligated to pay for his injuries, pain and suffering. In NJ, dog bite cases are strict liability claims. This means the dog owners are responsible for dog bites. If you have suffered a dog bite in Middlesex County, you need to consult with an attorney who knows how to make claims for dog bites.

Wrongful Death Claims

Wrongful death claims are traumatic. Anyone who has lost a loved one due to the wrongful act or negligence of another person or entity can file a wrongful death claim.  In NJ, if someone causes the death of your family member, the estate is entitled to compensation.  Wrongful death claims can also give the family closure to the heir of the decedent victim.

Middlesex County Courthouse

Main Courthouse: 56 Patterson Street, New Brunswick, New Jersey, 08903. Phone: 732-645-4300

Middlesex County Family Courthouse, 120 New Street, New Brunswick, New Jersey, 08903. Phone: 732-645-4300

Middlesex County Colleges

  • Rutgers University, 100 Sutphen Road, Piscataway, New Jersey, 08854-8907. Phone: 848-445-4636
  • Middlesex County College, Main Campus, 2600 Woodbridge Avenue, Edison, New Jersey 08818-3050, Phone: 732-548-6000
  • Middlesex County College, New Brunswick Center, 140 New Street, New Brunswick, New Jersey, 08901, Phone: 732-745-8866
  • Middlesex County College, Perth Amboy Center, 60 Washington Street, Perth Amboy, New Jersey 08861, Phone: 732-906-7755

Hospitals and Medical Centers in Middlesex County, New Jersey

  • JFK Medical Center, Hackensack Meridian Health, 65 James Street, Edison, New Jersey 08820, Phone: 732-321-7000
  • Hackensack Meridian Health Raritan Bay Medical Center – Old Bridge, 1 Hospital Plaza, Old Bridge Township, New Jersey 08857
  • Hackensack Meridian Health Raritan Bay Medical Center – Perth Amboy, 530 New Brunswick Avenue, Perth Amboy, New Jersey 08861. Phone: 732-442-3700
  • Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital, 1 Robert Wood Johnson Place, New Brunswick, New Jersey 08901. Phone: 732-828-3000
  • Saint Peter’s Healthcare System, 254 Easton Avenue, New Brunswick, New Jersey 0890, Phone: 732-745-8600

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