The FDA recently notified the nation that Zantac medication contains small amounts of a potential poisonous compound. This carcinogen was found in Ranitidine medication brand named Zantac. The FDA is presently analyzing the risk to U.S. patients and immediately demanded the removal of Zantac medication from all pharmacies and drug stores in the United States.

What is N-Nitrosodimethylamine?

This is the carcinogen known as NDMA and has been discovered in Ranitidine products brand named Zantac. This has been graded as potential poison for all people. Research has discovered that levels of the carcinogen increase in medication during storage. Testing has also revealed that the carcinogen levels increase in medication when stored at higher temperatures or over longer durations and time periods.

What medication is Ranitidine?

Settlements for Zantac Claims in New Jersey

Ranitidine is the medication that is used in the brand prescribed as Zantac. This medication is commonly prescribed and purchased over the counter for heartburn. It contains a drug that is an H2 blocker, which lowers the levels of stomach acid by deflecting and reducing histamine activity in the stomach. This medication is also prescribed and purchased to lower the production of acid in the stomach and combat ulcers.

Can I Make a Claim for Zantac Cancer in NJ?

There are now allegations that Ranitidine may lead to elevated levels of NDMA contaminations in patients. These claims argue that the molecules in Ranitidine are unstable and damage the digestive tracts in patients which leads to dangerous levels of NDMA. Research and studies have concluded that exposure to NDMA would occur to patients who used both Zantac and generic Ranitidine.

What are the Complications and Side-Effects from Zantac

Research appears to establish that generic Ranitidine and Zantac may have been contaminated by NDMA, which can potentially cause cancer. The dangers associated with NDMA are increased when the products are exposed to elevated temperatures or over periods of time. This can be damaging to the human body, and exposure has been associated with cancers. Cancers that have been identified include:

  • Stomach
  • Liver
  • Esophageal
  • Intestine (small)
  • Liver
  • Bladder
  • Additional cancers

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