During July 4th and summer parties, many people enjoy cold adult beverages and turn to fireworks to celebrate. Whether relaxing by the pool, barbequing, or enjoying the warm sunshine, summer time celebrations often result in accidents, injuries, and dreaded trips to the emergency room.

Be Safe During Summer Fireworks in New Jersey

If you were injured during the summer in New Jersey, you should consult with an experienced NJ injury attorney to see if you have a claim for compensation for your accident. Here are some helpful tips to safe during the summer in New Jersey:

  • Follow all laws regarding the purchase and lighting of fireworks.
  • Be familiar with your fireworks and read the safety instructions before lighting.
  • Make sure a responsible and sober adult supervises all fireworks and never let children light fireworks.
  • Never mix alcohol with fireworks. Save the beverages for after the firework performance.
  • Always use safety glasses and equipment when lighting fireworks.
  • Only light ONE firework at a time.
  • Make sure there is a safe distance between houses, cars and spectators from ALL fireworks.
  • Do not attempt to re-ignite a “dud” as it may still explode when you try to relight it.
  • Make sure there is water and hoses nearby for fire safety.
  • Do not hold fireworks in your hand when they are lit.
  • Never try to ignite homemade fireworks.
  • Safely dispose of all fireworks.

Be safe and have a great Fourth of July and summer in New Jersey!

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