On August 16, 2019, New Jersey issued a statewide health warning on serious lung disease for young people who vaped. NJ health workers are investigating new and shocking reports of young patients in the State diagnosed with severe lung injuries with a history of vaping. This has sparked an increasing alarm in New Jersey which is now added to the list of 215 patients from 25 States nationwide now under investigation.

New Jersey elected officials have now joined forces with local, county and State health departments, as well as medical providers, to investigate these reports. Officials are examining whether the New Jersey cases are similar to the national cases with young patients diagnosed with a disease described as serious pulmonary illness linked to utilizing vaping devices. The New Jersey Department of Health released a health warning statewide to all medical treatment facilities and all health providers and departments.

What are E-Cigarettes and Vapes?

NJ Investigating Vaping and Lung Disease Link

Electronic cigarettes, also called e-cigarettes, e-vaporizers, vapes, and electronic nicotine transfer/delivery methods, are battery-operated contraptions that heat oil mixed with nicotine or THC – the chemical in marijuana – that forms a vapor that people inhale. The vapor contains a chemical or aerosol which travels into the user’s lungs when it is inhaled. E-Cigarettes and Vapes are so prevalent with young people today that many people use it during school, and even in classrooms. These devices are now designed so that they don’t look like e-cigarettes, and can be camouflaged as flash drives or other electronic devices.

What is Severe Lung Disease?

Severe lung illness is concerning in young people as this disease is not common for patients this age. The New Jersey cases included symptoms of severe coughing, difficulty breathing, chest tightness and pain, wheezing and warnings such as vomiting. Most disturbing about these cases were the patients, ages 17 to 45 years old, reported no prior health problems or issues, and all required hospitalizations and some needed ventilators in order to breathe.

What is the Link between Vaping and Serious Lung Disease?

It is all hands-on deck as the investigation into the link between e-cigarettes/vaping and serious lung disease grows in New Jersey and throughout the nation. The NJ Dept. of Health is requesting information from physicians throughout the State to see if there are additional cases to look into. Nationwide, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and the Food & Drug Administration (FDA), are working around the clock to research the alarming incidents of serious lung illnesses from young patients who vape. Officials and physicians are working investigating all reported incidents immediately to learn which cases are linked to vaping. The NJ Dept. of Health, CDC and FDA are investigating and sharing data for all young vaping patients reporting respiratory illnesses.

What Should You Do if You Vape and Suffer Respiratory Illness?

“By the end of August 2019, there were reported over 200 cases from 25 different States. Additional reports of server respiratory illnesses are being examined every day,” reports Howard Lesnik, a Mountainside NJ personal injury lawyer. “While some cases may be linked to vaping and e-cigarettes, many cases require more information and investigation,” he adds. Medical providers may require additional tests and examinations in order to diagnose the cause of the lung illness and link it to vaping. Some patients report excessive vaping, and some patients have reported THC-marijuana vaping to their physicians.

If you suffer symptoms of severe lung disease, you should immediately report to your health care provider or hospital emergency room. It is important that your provide the healthcare staff a full history of your vaping use, including the brand and types of vaping devices and products, in addition to where they were purchased.

Talk to a Lawyer if you Suffered Lung Injury from Vaping

All lung illnesses associated with vaping are under investigation. If you suffered from respiratory illness and you vape, you should immediately consult with a lawyer to discuss your case. The New Jersey Dept. of Health and federal authorities are looking into whether the lung disease may be connected to e-cigarette and vape brands, models, chemicals, aerosols, oils, devices or ingredients contained in a particular product.

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