If you were injured at a New Jersey car accident you may be interested in settling your accident claim. Auto accidents can be highly stressful, and if you are not a lawyer they can be confusing as well. Here are my top five tips for settling New Jersey car accident claims.

Number 1 – Immediately seek medical attention after the accident. Even minor injuries need to be examined. Sometimes symptoms do not appear until hours, or even days after the car accident.

Number 2 – Make sure you get a copy of the police report. Stay on the scene until the police or ambulance arrive. And make sure you tell them everything that happened in the accident. The police report is usually available 48 hours after the accident.

Number 3 – Take photographs of your vehicle, the other vehicle, and any injuries you may have suffered. They say a picture is worth a thousand words – but often is the best evidence in your accident case.

Number 4 – Notify your insurance company immediately. Your insurance company will open a claim, provide you with a claim number, and adjuster. This information will assist your attorney to make sure that your medical bills and property damage expenses are covered.

WARNING – Never speak to the other driver’s insurance company and never provide the other insurance company with any statement.

Finally, Number 5 and most important – Contact me immediately after your New Jersey car accident. I offer free strategy sessions and can answer any questions you may have about your injuries, medical bills, property damage, or car accident claim. I am available 24/7.

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